Weed: The Time it Stays in the Body System

Weed has its pros and cons. Some people use it for the legal purposes, but a large population of the users is normally acting against the laws. However, there are numerous effects of weed that all users must know so that they can always remain safe. The worst thing about taking weed is having the authorities test you. Also, you could have applied for the job and a drugs test could be mandatory for all employees before enrollment. Therefore, regardless of your fears for an imminent drug test or simply want to know how marijuana affects your body, you probably are eager to know the period in which traces of weed or marijuana stays in your system.

The most obvious advantage of knowing the detectable period of weed is evading negative consequences of testing out positive. Even though you could be using medical marijuana, not many people will understand. A large population out there believes that the use of weed, medical or not, is illegal and affects a person's judgment and is a recipe for a poor decision-making process. All in all, even though you could be having the legal permission have weed, you need to research about its effect to avoid making some mistakes at work, when driving or at home. Check out this site to know more. 

In general, weed stays in a person's system a variable time depending on the body. On average, large enough quantities of weed can be easily detected within the first ten days after having weed. Therefore, the traces could go undetected from fifteen days onwards. But this is also dependent on the period in which you have been using the drug. People who just started to use weed, ten days are sufficient to have it off their system. However, those who have been using this drug for over a long period will require more days to have it completely off their system. This is why detox is recommended to get rid of it from one's system.

Before going for a drug test, you need to know the exact one that is going to be used. They all have different capabilities of determining the weed content in your system. For instance, urine tests that are most common only detect weed that has been in the system within 7 days. Blood tests are more thorough. Hair tests can detect up to several months after the use of weed, and are mainly used to identify heavy consumers. 

That said, exercises will help you avoid testing out positive, and you will keep weed off your system faster if you keep yourself hydrated. Go here for more info. 

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